Unicorn Stash Jar
Unicorn Stash Jar
Unicorn Stash Jar
Unicorn Stash Jar

Unicorn Stash Jar

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4 oz stash jar with screw on lid

Every stash jar is handmade using polymer clay and is hand painted with acrylic paints. 

The design features many realistic looking human teeth and has an exposed brain on the lid top!

These are very durable and will stand up to minor drops and scratches. 

The entirety of the design is coated with a high gloss protective glaze to make it last!



All items featured for sale are made to order.  Nothing on this website is already made. Your order will be fulfilled in the order in which it is received. Your order will be made and shipped in approximately 4-6 weeks!!! Plan ahead for gifts! Holidays get very busy! 

MoldyCreations is owned and operated by ONE person 😄 Joe Rowles. Every item is made one at a time. Hand made and hand painted. 

Your items can also be customized! If you wish to change eye color or other details please email me at MoldyCreations@hotmail.com 👍🏻 


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